Saturday, August 1, 2009

Follow Along...

Since so man of my fans have begged to know which blogs I follow (okay, so my mom mentioned the question in passing one day and quickly lost intrest in my answer) I have decided to share just a few of my current obsessions with you all. Please note, these are just my current top three. The list of blogs that I follow on the side are actually all mini obsessions...keeping up on them all usually leaves my son feeling somewhat neglected. Relax mother, I'm kidding -- sort of.

I couldn't give a list without first mentioning the woman that turned me on to blogging to begin with. One of my bestest buddies in the whole wide world...MO! Michelle's Moments is our little Mo's way of keeping her bazillion friends up to date with her ever excting live. Seriously, no one makes friends like this woman. She loves to talk and if she was forced to share these stories with all of her gagillion friends one at at time, she would have no time to create new stories...or breathe, for that matter. Hence, the blog. The blog is a fun little journey through the life of a successful single gal in her *almost* late twenties and all of her journeys, quilts and recipes. Good times.

Dooce is a blog that my dear friend Oprah Winfrey turned me on to. This woman is "piss-down-your-leg" funny. It's not your typical "mom" blog but it's entirely entertaining. She has a pulls no punches attitude and sarcasm that goes on for miles. Love it.

The third in my current top 3 (though they are in no particular order) is my MckIdol. MckMama leads a pretty sweet life and is kind enough to share it with the world without making you feel absolutely pathetic about your own existance. She is the mother of 4 stinkin' cute kids (though none are cuter than the little Huntin' Dog) and the youngest has a heart condition. It's hard to read about little Stellan's struggle and not think about my own little guy and what I would be like in her situation. Her faith and optimism are unwavering and very inpirational. She is also a great photographer and I love looking at her pictures. Her sense of humor is also very relatable. She's MckGreat!

So, there's just a few of the people whose lives I enjoy stalking. There are more though, that's just the start.
It wouldn't be my blog though if I didn't leave you with something like this...


  1. Thanks for including me and for posting a SUPER cute pic of Chad and LC (Little Chad). I need to see that kid again soon. I just discovered a new blog through another friend's blog and it's pretty fantastic...check it out! (PS- It's not very PG with the language so don't let Hunter read it!)

  2. Oh, and Kylie just filled me in on a way to track how many people view your blog each day if you are interested....