Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Baby Story!

February 10, 2009...

After one very sleepless night we arrived at the hospital at about 5:45 am. By 6:30 I was gowned up and tapped in to my pitocin. The monitor showed that I was already contracting regularly so the hopes that things would go quickly increased. At 8:30 the doctor came in to break my water. By 10 the contractions were pretty intense. I tried to tough them out as long as I could...which wasn't very long. It was shocking how much pain was on my legs. It was a totally unexpected sensation. Around 11 I received my epidural which was great. I had no intentions of going natural. I figure that I've earned my stripes by carrying the little guy for nine months. Having him naturally wasn't going to make me any more of a hero. My epidural had only been in for about an hour when I started to feel everything on my right side again. The anesthesiologist came back and upped the ante...nice...very nice. Except that now I was pretty much numb everywhere, not just below my waist. My arms tingled.
By about 2:45 I was dialated to an 8. I told Chad that if he wanted to go home and feed the dog, this was his last chance. Off he went. Thankfully my mom was there and stayed in the room with me. This is where it starts to get blurry...
The nurse appears to be staring very intently at the monitor and not saying much. Without much comment she pulls out an oxygen mask and straps it on me. Around 3 Chad comes back in and the nurse informs us that I'm complete and it's time to start pushing. This is the point where mom got the boot.
The nurse had me do a few practice pushes at which point I notice that the epidural has worn off again - on both sides this time. Ouch!
Following the practice pushes the doctor comes in and checks me. People are moving around quickly and no one is really speaking to Chad or me. Finally I hear them say something about forceps. I was so confused. I thought they only used those if the baby was taking forever to come out. We hadn't even started trying to get him out...why would I need those? Then I realized that the doctor was trying to turn the baby. While he was head down, his head was turned to the side. With every contraction the baby's heartbeat was dropping (decels) and they needed to get him out. They weren't sure if the cord was around his neck or what could be causing the decels. They were going to start with the forceps but because of the way that his head was turned they were unable. Next thing I know the doctor is calling for a "stat section". Within seconds there are 5 nurses in the room unhooking things and rehooking new things and wheeling me out. I didn't get to say bye to Chad and I was terrified.
The c-section room was full of nurses who had me in place and ready in no time. My BFF the anesteseologist was back. This time they hit me hard core with the epidural. If it didn't take fast enough, they would have to put me completely under. Thankfully it took. Once they were sure that it was going to take, they let Chad in the room. He looked great, even though my teary eyes he was my knight in blue paper scrubs! :) Next thing I know he's at my side and there is some tugging and then joyful sounds as my little guy entered the world. Within seconds he was crying...just like his mommy. We got a quick look before they took him over to the warmer to be cleaned up and checked out. Laughter erupted as our little stinker decided to pee on the nurses three times before they could get him cleaned up and back to us. We were in love from the moment we laid eyes on him, and that love has only grown since...
That day was insanity. I had never experienced such a range of emotions in such a short period of time.
The doctor apologized several times for not being able to give me the birth that I had wanted but as far as I was concerned - the end justified the means.

Hunter Richard - Born 2.10.09 at 3:40pm. 8lb5oz, 19.5 inches

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tomorrow is the day...

Chad and I just returned from our 41 week prenatal appointment. Since I am clearly past my due date, we have decided to opt for an induction. I would have loved for the little guy to come on his own, but at this point, he really doesn't seem to want to do that. So, tomorrow at 6am we go into Labor and Delivery and don't come back out until we are Chad, Lacey and Baby Hunter.
I feel like we have been waiting on "go" since the beginning of January and then all of a sudden today the starting gun blasted and away we go. The next week is going to be pure insanity. Not only are we bringing a new life into this world but we are also packing up all of our lives and moving back across the state to Topeka. By this time next week I will be a mom AND a Topeka resident. I'm totally excited and equally terrified.
I don't know how I should be spending today. I mean, it's my last day as just me. Tomorrow our lives are going to change so much. It's hard to believe all that has happened in the past year and it will all be coming to fruition in less than 24 hours. We survived a miscarriage, something I never thought I would be strong enough to live through. We moved hundreds of miles from our parents and friends to start a new life in Hays. We made new friends, found new foods (I'm going to miss Green Bean Dumpling Soup), made memories. My sister gave birth to the most beautiful little girl. Then we found out we were pregnant again. We survived 8 weeks of morning sickness. We heard heart tones. I quit my job. I went back to work for Payless as a contract employee just to have an excuse to go back to Topeka once a month. We found out we were having a boy! Life started to feel normal. The last trimester hit like a ton of bricks. Chad's brother got married. Chad got and accepted a job offer back home. I lost a friend and a cat. My husband lost a cousin. Our due date came...and went. Now, here we are - at a countdown to Baby Day. The last year has been laughter and tears. Chad and I have grown so incredibly close that I can't imagine my life without him. I've become so codependant on him, but I don't mind because he's the love of my life.
So, I guess that is about it for now. Next time I post the name of our blog will be so much more appropriate. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And the waiting continues...

Hunter is not a punctual little guy, this has been determined. My little guy is now two days past due and I see no impending birth in sight. I know he will come when he is ready...but I'm ready so shouldn't that count for something??
I have good days and bad days. I mean yesterday I was rockin' and rollin' and nesting like crazy. I took Trigger for a good long walk and was just in a happy mood. Looking back, I may have tricked myself into a good mood. I guess I thought that if I forced myself to nest and be active Hunter would just be ready to come out lickity split. Well, when I woke up this morning and realized that he wasn't coming I just got bummed out again. I *think* that by this time next week I will be a mommy. I know that we will start talking about inducing at my appt next Monday which I have accepted the fact that I will be attending.
The sooner he comes, the sooner we are back in our house in Topeka. It kills me that Hunter has a nursery all ready for him and I haven't even seen it yet. An amazing team of grandparents have done their part to paint, carpet and assemble furniture so that the little guy has the room of *my* dreams when we get home. I can't wait to post pictures.
I guess that there are a lot of things that I can't wait for these days! :)
Random note: Today while blogging, I felt like the Doogie Howser MD theme music was playing in the background...strange! Now, if only the screen had been blue and cerca 1991.