Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And the waiting continues...

Hunter is not a punctual little guy, this has been determined. My little guy is now two days past due and I see no impending birth in sight. I know he will come when he is ready...but I'm ready so shouldn't that count for something??
I have good days and bad days. I mean yesterday I was rockin' and rollin' and nesting like crazy. I took Trigger for a good long walk and was just in a happy mood. Looking back, I may have tricked myself into a good mood. I guess I thought that if I forced myself to nest and be active Hunter would just be ready to come out lickity split. Well, when I woke up this morning and realized that he wasn't coming I just got bummed out again. I *think* that by this time next week I will be a mommy. I know that we will start talking about inducing at my appt next Monday which I have accepted the fact that I will be attending.
The sooner he comes, the sooner we are back in our house in Topeka. It kills me that Hunter has a nursery all ready for him and I haven't even seen it yet. An amazing team of grandparents have done their part to paint, carpet and assemble furniture so that the little guy has the room of *my* dreams when we get home. I can't wait to post pictures.
I guess that there are a lot of things that I can't wait for these days! :)
Random note: Today while blogging, I felt like the Doogie Howser MD theme music was playing in the background...strange! Now, if only the screen had been blue and cerca 1991.

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