Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Long and Lovely Weekend

Since having the baby and being home, it's hard to distinguish a weekend from a weekday most of the time but this past Memorial weekend was certainly one that we made the most of. It was full of family and fun...just the way that I love them.
We kicked off our Saturday by doing what the weekend was intended for - honoring our loved ones that have died. My parents, Hunter and I made the cemetary rounds. Our first stop was Fort Leavenworth where my mom's dad is buried. Military cemetaries are so beautiful, especially on Memorial weekend. It was nice to get to "introduce" Hunter to my grandpa. They would have gotten along splendidly, I'm sure of it. Our next stop was Independence, MO where my uncle is buried. I stayed in the car at the cemetary there because Hunter was sleeping but Mom and Dad left flowers and shared a moment with Uncle Jim. Before leaving the Kansas City area we stopped to see my Grandma. She's been having trouble with her knees lately and isn't able to get around much. But a chubby little baby will cheer anyone up.
After our stop with Grandma it was back on the road. We stopped for lunch in Lawrence before heading on to Overbrook where my dad's parents are buried. Once again we "introduced" Hunter to a few more family members that would have loved him as much as we all do.
Once we got home that night and got the little guy to bed I headed out to spend time with some good friends of mine. My dear friend Julie was in town from Philly those available met up at the bar for a little cocktails and catching up.
Sunday was family fun day! My Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon hosted a family cookout at their house. It seems like everytime that our family gets together, someone has a new baby. This time the newest baby on the block was the beautiful daughter of my cousin (might as well be brother) Adam and his wife Tammy. Little Layla is sweet as can be. At almost a month old, she now weighs as much as little Hunter did when he was born.
My favorite little diva in the world was there too. My sweet sweet niece Camryn was there. I can't believe how much she has grown since I saw her less than a month ago at her first birthday. She's a walkin' talkin' fool these days, and obviously much too cool.
Not to be outdone, little Hunter donned his outdoor gear for some quality time by the pool.
Daddy also decided to introduce the little guy to a little game of washers and found that his game was uneffected by little Hunto - the hands free model.
Monday was quite the exciting day for Chad. He started off the morning by heading down to the farm with my dad to do a little bow fishing. That's right, regular fishing just wasn't challenging enough so he wanted to see if he could get something with his bow instead. Wouldn't you know it. First shot, first arrow and the guy gets one! Made his day...now I just wish he'd quit talking about it. :)
The afternoon was spent relaxing in Holton on the in-law's back porch and in their hot tub while Grandma cooed over the baby.
Such a great weekend. Wouldn't change a thing about it. I just wish that such fun could happen more often.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adult Interaction

I had the opportunity to go into the office and work today for the first time since November. It was so nice to actually spend my day with other adults. The department that I worked in is short staffed right now so my contract was extended through this month and I'm able to go to the office two days a week for the next month. I sure missed Hunto but it was sure nice to be out of the house.
I know that I'm going to have to go back to work I just don't like the idea of having to job hunt. I had at least four people stop me in the office and tell me how great it was to have me back. I just wish one of them would realize that if they really wanted me back full time all they would have to do is ask. I guess that is a lot easier said than done though.
Hunto spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa. Since school is out I am taking full advantage of my free daycare. When I got to their house tonight to pick the little guy up my dad was wheeling him around the house in an umbrella stroller. Apparently Hunto did not want to play alone so it was requiring constant attention. Dad has a sore shoulder (they say it's a farm injury, I say it's from too much golf) and had to call in reinforcements to keep Little Foot happy. It was so cute. They were just passing by the front door when I walked up and Hunto gave me the biggest smile. I swear he grew while I was at work. What's the first thing he did for Mommy when she got her hands on him? Puke straight down her chest! Awesomeness. Oh well...worth it.
The old folks must have worn Hunter out because he didn't even make it all the way though his nightime bottle before he started snoozing away. It was a good day. I missed my little booger but am excited that I get the opportunity to talk to someone not in a cartoon voice for another day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Note...

Little Foot has decided that sleeping isn't his number one priority these days. I'm lucky to get a good 45 minute napper out of him once or twice a day. Today while Chad was home I decided to run to Wal-Mart and do our weekly shopping. Before I left, I nurse Hunto and put him down for a nap. I assumed he would wake up in 30 minutes or so and Daddy would get some quality play time in. Tell me why, WHY the one time that I leave that kid alone with his dad he actually sleeps for a significant amount of time. Grrrr! Needless to say, I wasn't home 10 minutes before he was awake again and wanting his momma!

A baby by any other name...

I'm starting to wonder if Hunter will ever actually know his real name. We never seem to call him by it. The closest that we come is Hunto...which is close. But still not his name. Below is a list of the many things that we call the little guy:

Dirty Monkey (that is ALL Chad)
Booger Bottom
Senor Fussybritches
Senor Crabbypants
Little Foot
Milk Master (again, all Chad)
Little Chad (LC)
Mini Chad (MC)
Sweet Cheeks
Puddin' Pie

I don't know if he'll ever answer to Hunter when he's older. What names do you have for your little ones???

Friday, May 15, 2009

Those little things...

They all say that they grow up too fast. I guess I knew it would happen with Hunter too. I feel like in the past week he's become a whole new person. He no longer likes his long naps (bummer) but still sleeps like a champ at night (thank goodness). He has a play bar on his infant carrier and the other night, while eating dinner he actually started playing with it. Tapping the frog and flipping him around. I was in shock. I had to watch for quite a long time just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke. Sure enough he was actually playing with it, not just staring at it like he had been doing for the last 13 weeks. At my folks house he was also sitting up by himself. Not for long, mind you. Mere seconds but it was so awesome. I left him with my parents for a while and when I got home he was holding his own bottle! What happened to my sweet helpless baby??? He's just growing so fast. Kenny Chesney was right...Don't Blink!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cannibalistic Tendencies

What is it about babies that make them look so delicious? Sometimes I just want to chomp Hunto's little ears clean off. I often find myself making piggy noises into his ear at I pretent to nibble on it. And those cheeks! Oh those sweet, juicy cheeks. I can't help but kiss 'em. I've been known to take pretend bites out of those little apples on more than one occasion. That kid runs the risk of losing an appendage if he brings a hand or foot anywhere near my chompers. People always tell you that you can't help but kiss a sweet baby but I never knew I would want to nibble on him too!

I mean, look at those cheeks...don't they just look delicious???