Friday, May 15, 2009

Those little things...

They all say that they grow up too fast. I guess I knew it would happen with Hunter too. I feel like in the past week he's become a whole new person. He no longer likes his long naps (bummer) but still sleeps like a champ at night (thank goodness). He has a play bar on his infant carrier and the other night, while eating dinner he actually started playing with it. Tapping the frog and flipping him around. I was in shock. I had to watch for quite a long time just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke. Sure enough he was actually playing with it, not just staring at it like he had been doing for the last 13 weeks. At my folks house he was also sitting up by himself. Not for long, mind you. Mere seconds but it was so awesome. I left him with my parents for a while and when I got home he was holding his own bottle! What happened to my sweet helpless baby??? He's just growing so fast. Kenny Chesney was right...Don't Blink!!!


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