Monday, February 15, 2010

A Birthday Letter

I know that I am late posting this as he is now almost one year AND one week old, but here is my letter to my ONEderful son…

Dear Hunter,
I can’t believe that you are actually a whole year old. What an amazing 12 months the last 12 months have been! You have brought so much joy into your daddy’s and my life. I can’t even begin to describe how much we love you, and that love grows more and more each day.
You are so much fun and changing and doing new things every day. You love to smile and laugh. You’ve started dancing and scooting around to music and it’s the cutest thing ever. You will eat anything that you can get your hands on and try new foods all the time. You love daycare which makes me feel not quite so guilty about having to send you to one. You are a wonderful sleeper and this past weekend, Daddy and I were both awake before you! That has NEVER happened.
Daddy can’t wait to take you fishing and was just talking about how excited you will be the first time you see him pull a fish out of the water. You are certainly a daddy’s boy and your daddy wouldn’t have it any other way. The two of you recently spent three days without me and while I worried and missed you like crazy, you and Daddy just had all sorts of fun without me.
In a few months, you are going to be a big brother. I’m so excited that you will get to grow up so close in age to your brother or sister but it still makes me a little sad that you didn’t get to be “the baby” longer. I’m a mom, so you’ll always be my baby though!
We are so excited to see what the next 365 days bring for you Hunter. You’ll be walking in no time, and then running and talking (besides mama, dada and tickle tickle). You have changed so much already. Part of me wants you to stop growing and stay my baby forever but I know that the world is waiting for you Hunter, so go get ‘em!
Love you baby!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Rope

Sometimes I just get to complaing. I’ll start griping about one thing and then that will lead to something else that ticks me off and before you know it, I’m just angry at the world. I would like to blame this on pregnancy…but let’s get real. It’s just my personality. It’s not that I’m never happy. I can’t stand people that complain all the time but sometimes, I just get to goin’ and can’t stop. A few times lately, Chad has looked at me and said “Geez, you’d complain in they hung you with a new rope.” OBVIOUSLY I would complain about this – but more so because I was being hung and notsomuch about the rope itself. (The saying makes no sense to me, as most of my husband’s hillbilly Holton talk comes out similar to the teacher from Charlie Brown – whah whah wah…)

But yesterday, I realized that he was right (GASP!). Sometimes I really do complain about things that I should be thankful for…as least I think that’s where he was trying to go with that statement.

It’s the middle of winter in Kansas. The temperature barely ever breaks freezing and the cloudy and gloomy sky appears to have moved in for the long haul. Yesterday, there was this glimmer of beauty. The Sun! And highs in the 40s! You know what? I actually complained about the sun. There’s my new rope for ya!

My commute home from work takes me about 15 minutes. I have to be at daycare by 5:30 to pick up Hunter so it does cut it pretty close if I leave any later that 10 after 5. Yesterday, I left and had to get gas and wasn’t on the road until almost 12 after and I actually began cursing the sun…

The highway home takes a steady turn about midway through that lands you smack dab face to face with the sun. This blinding moment causes one to slam on their brakes, which then causes the car behind you to slam on their brakes and so on and so forth. A traffic jam – and the culprit cause is the sun. The glorious, wonderful, powerful sun, with all of its delicious Vitamin D and skin tanning abilities is going to make me late to pick up my son. I can’t back charge the sun the extra dollar per minute that I’m late. Grrrr…

But I wasn’t late. I’m never late. I was complaining about something that I had no control over and that really ended up having no effect on me at all. As I drove home, after picking Hunter up the sun was setting and absolutely beautiful and I actually felt compelled to apologize to it, and to God. I could not believe that I had been complaining about something like that. I felt guilty and ashamed.

I am 100% sure that I am not done complaining about things but I’m hoping that this little moment has been enough to let me step back and think about what it is that I’m complaining about and make sure that it isn’t this new rope...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What should have been his birthday...

One year ago today was Hunter’s original due date. A year ago, I went to the doctor – still very pregnant. That afternoon, I somehow convinced myself that my water had broken and we went to the hospital, only to have them tell me that I was indeed, not going into labor. Boo! It would be another EIGHT DAYS before he would make is grand entrance. But man-o-man…he was worth the wait.

In other news, the countdown has officially begun until we find out if Hunter is going to have a baby brother or a baby sister. 14 days to go…

In even more other news, tonight is Bunko night. I love Bunko night. I play with a bunch of girls that I hardly know and two that are my closest and dearest friends. We all have fun. We eat good food. We laugh – A LOT. There is often yelling and sometimes even tears (Michelle!). Since having Hunter I have a hard time ever feeling like anything other than a mommy but Bunko night is just about celebrating a bunch of crazy women rolling dice and enjoying life – as long as I remember to leave enough diapers at home for daddy!