Thursday, October 27, 2011

From the mouths of babes.

Every time I tell my parents a story about something funny that one of my kids does, my dad always tells me that I need to write it down. I'm horrible about this, but the other day we had one funny moment that I just can't get out of my head.

We are deep in the trenches of potty training at home. When Hunter does things right there are songs to be sung and treats to be had. He's doing awesome, both at home and at daycare with all of it. Tuesday when the boys and I got home from work/daycare I had to use the restroom and I'm fully aware that using the restroom in peace with two toddlers is really out of the question. Sure enough, seconds into my alone time, here they come. This is how the conversation with Hunter went:

H: Mommy, you going potty?
Me: Yes Hunter.
H: Good job Mommy.
Me: Thank you.
H: When you done we'll do the potty dance and you get M&Ms.
Me: (Laughing hysterically)Thank you.

At that point H and B left me to my business and the second I came out of the bathroom Hunter was waiting for me. Again he asked if I had gone potty. (Yes) and at that point he took my hands and we proceeded to sing the "Mommy went on the Potty" song and do the celebratory dance complete with "WooHoo" and a high five at the end. After we completed our dance H says to me "Stay here, I go get you 5 M&Ms" and takes off for the kitchen.

This kid freaking kills me!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Everybody cut, everybody cut...

Haven’t posted in awhile – Shocker… But, I thought I would give you a wrap up of my lovely little weekend.
Friday night I went and saw Footloose with two of my favorite people. We were all in love with the original, but, I have to say, the second one is pretty cute too. AND – I developed a ridiculous old-married-lady crush on the new Ren McCormick, Mr. Kenny Wormald. He’s ADORABLE. At the beginning of the movie I was kind of ho-hum about him and totally skeptical of this “nobody’s” ability to pull of the iconic role of Ren. By the end of the movie I was giddy-freakin’-smitten over him. Look at him – how could one not just adore that grin?

Saturday Chad and Grandma G took the boys to the pumpkin patch (their third one in a week) and I met up with some friends at the bar to watch the KU/KSU football game.

So…wasn’t much of a game for us KU fans. It was so disappointing. I have been on Team Turner all season, trying to believe that his soft style would build a bond between the players that would be reflected on the field. Newsflash – doesn’t matter how well they get along when they run around acting like they have no idea what they are doing. It was embarrassing to watch. Needless to say – I’m no longer Team Turner.
Sunday was a day for just me and the little men in my life. The morning was spent just being lazy and hanging out around the house. Baby B is finally starting to give real kisses and I must have gotten 100 yesterday. And every time he gave me one, Big Brother would want to give me one too. I was in heaven. After naps we met up with a friend at a local park. It was the first time that I had been to this park and I could sing its praises for days. It’s a public park but it’s built for those with special needs which actually makes it much more toddler friendly. The ground is even rubberized so we had NO tearful wipeouts. The park is completely enclosed which is great because I don’t have to worry about one kid making a break for it while I’m trying to keep the other from teaching himself how to use the firemen’s pole. The weather was perfect and I could have stayed there all afternoon but eventually we called it a day.
After a stop at the grocery store, we were home for the day. It was dinner, bath and bed for the boys and then I attempted my first vegan recipe. I am in no way, shape or form a vegan. One of my favorite people at work is and today is her last day so I had to give something a shot. I found the easiest recipe ever for vegan pumpkin chip cookies (3 ingredients!!!) and ran with it. They appear to be a hit today – so that’s good.
Now it’s Monday again and it’s back to the grind. We have a busy week ahead for Halloween. Our festivities this week include a cookie decorating class (for me), a family Halloween at work, Trick or Treating downtown, perhaps a little Boo at the Zoo action on Saturday and Monday is all about here, there and everywhere to show off the kiddos. Hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures. Happy Monday y’all.