Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It has only been 2+ months since my last post – ONLY? ONLY? What the heck have I been doing??? Okay, you don’t really care and I get that so I won’t bother catching you up. We’ll just jump right into the current stuff.

Saturday morning was Hunter’s first swimming lesson at the YMCA. Chad taught swimming lessons when he was younger and we both think it is important to get Hunter in the water at a young age.
When we first arrived, Hunter didn’t know what to think. He had a little bit of terror in his eyes, which broke my heart. Since I am still incubating Hunter’s little brother, Chad took the class with him. Hunter was obviously the youngest kid in the class, but not by too much – I imagine that there was at least one other kid under the age of two there.
When they first got in the water Hunter was NOT having it. He was crying and I was stressing because I was in street clothes and couldn’t make him better (I’m a crazy, neurotic helicopter of a mother, but that is okay – I am working on it). Once they got in a little deeper and class started, Hunter really started to enjoy himself. They gave them little koosh type balls to play with and those helped keep the little guy distracted and happy. He smiled and cooed for most of the 30 minute class. It was so fun to watch him and I look forward to going every week and watching this great bonding time for him and his daddy.

Hunter getting ready to get in the pool with daddy. I love his little trunks.

Just a swimmin' fool

Floating on daddy

Getting ready for the big jump!

Loving that slide!

My favorite pool rats!