Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music Memories

One of my favorite things to talk about are the memories that can be brought on by songs. I always have my “Top 5 Songs that Shaped my Life” as well as know of songs that really trigger something in my head and take me directly back to a different time and place. That’s the magic of music. Anyway, when I saw Kate link up to The Perfect Compellation Tape - I had to join in because I love love LOVE this topic.

Below are my Top 5 Music Memories:

The Refreshments – Banditos
I had always been a fan of this song but rarely heard it because it came out when I was in the 8th grade and I would only catch it now and then during the “flashback lunch” on the radio. When Chad and I had not been together for too long we were driving around in his car listening to a mix CD and this song came on and he knew all the words. I was shocked. Not a lot of people really knew this song so for him to know all the words was crazy – he was like 11 when the song was “popular”. Strangely, at that moment, I decided this was a guy worth keeping – possibly marrying – someday.

Sisqo – The Thong Song
It’s hard to think about the summer after my senior year without thinking about this song. It was ALL OVER the radio. That summer I worked at Vanity in the mall with a bunch of great girls. We always had the same radio station on and that song seriously played once an hour. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to those days of hanging backless shirts (ugh!) and cheesy screen printed tees.

Better than Ezra – Good
Eighth grade year my friend invited me to Heart of America basketball camp with her. Mind you – I was NO GOOD but she was awesome. I’m pretty sure she just kept me around so she could feel better about herself – but I digress. My parents bought me two tapes for my walkman so that I would have something to listen to on our downtime and on the 2 hour drive to camp. Deluxe by Better than Ezra was one of them. When I hear this song it takes me back running wind sprints during the hottest week in Kansas history (at that time), where I had food poisoning and managed to lose 15 lbs in one week. Best. Diet. Ever!

George Straight – I Saw God Today
May 3, 2008. I was taking a shower and this song came on the radio. I was three months out from our miscarriage and for some reason the song struck a nerve and as I listened to the words, I started sobbing, bawling uncontrollably. I was engulfed in self pity. I was grieving for the first time in weeks. I was sure that I was “over it”. I got out of the shower to find that I had missed a call from my brother in law. He called to tell me that my sister was in labor and they were heading to the hospital. I packed my bag and made the 3 hour trek to Topeka to meet my parents and head on to KC. And many more hours later – I saw God that day – in the eyes of my newborn niece.

Matthew Sweet – Sick of Myself
This song always makes me think of my sister. I’m not sure why. It reminds me of her senior year and this big book of CDs that she had. I didn’t know Matthew Sweet beyond this song. I still don’t know if a lot of people even know who he is. The CD cover for this song was him when he was little wearing headphones. So cute. Jenny and I didn’t get along really well at this time in our lives, but we did seem to bond over music – and this song always makes me think of that.