Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ready for the weekend!

So here we are on day two of my rambling blog about nothing...
Chad and I are headed back to Topeka tomorrow and I am so excited about it. He actually has the whole day off so we will get to leave in the morning. I am hoping that we can finish our Chirstmas shopping when we get to town. We have two gifts left and then we are done. I'm so excited. One of the gifts that I got for my brother-in-law and one that I got for my dad came in the mail today and I have to say that they are both AWESOME! I would easily keep either one for myself.
Our weekend is pretty much already scheduled for us...but that's kind of how we like it. After this trip home, we'll be home for Christmas and then be hunkering down in Hays America until little Hunter gets here.
Tomorrow will be devoted to driving to Topeka and hopefully doing some shopping. Chad plans to go hunting with Ryan in the evening and then we plan to have a romantic dinner for 3 (can't leave Ryan out) at the Blind Tiger. I'll spend the time that they spend hunting just hanging out with my folks. I might help my mom do a little gift wrapping, if she'd like. This year I invested in one of those Scotch paper cutters and tape dispensers that you wear on your hand and flew through my own gift wrapping. Sure, I ran out of tape strips and had to resort to the old Dollar General tape before I was done, but it's all done.
Saturday is going to be FUN FILLED! I can't wait. The wonderful Land (and Hunt, and Lizar and Gerhardt and Carter) ladies will do our 2nd annual Christmas Baking Day! It's always so fun...but suprisingly tiring as well. We are starting at 10am. Last year it took us what felt like 8 hours...but I'm hoping we have it down to a science. If not, we will by next year for sure. Some of the goodies on the list include Peanut Butter kisses, Toffee, Oreo Truffles, Million Dollar Fudge, etc. I can not wait. These ladies are so much fun to hang out with. And anytime I get to see my sister I get pumped. We have a sense of humor that no one else can understand...and we are a-ok with that.
Saturday night is also shaping up to be muy exciting! Janice and Travis are hosting a White Elephant Christmas Party. While I'm always down for a party, I'm more excited about getting to see my friends. Living out here gets a little lonely so I am just so stoked to spend some time with the girls. I don't know how long I'll be able to hang, but it will be nice to actually attempt to look decent and get out of the house! Plus, with Janice being pregnant as well, we can make fun of everyone as they get out of control...until our feet swell and we need a nap anyway. Here's a picture of us before we went and got knocked up...
The only bummer about Saturday is that I will probably miss Chad's cousin's graduation party in Holton. Chad will be going for both of us though. His cousin Sarah is graduatin from WSU with a degree in education and moving to Washington state in January. She's such a fun girl and I am hoping to get to see her before she leaves. I BETTER see her before she leaves.
Sunday Chad plans to hunt with Ryan in the morning (I think) which means more of my mom's waffles for just me!!! Maybe I'll save him one...maybe.
So, that's the plan for the weekend. Tonight I think I'll wrap the gifts that came in the mail today and settle in for the night. Grey's is a rerun. Bummer!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And so it begins...

Not exactly sure why, but I've decided to start a blog. In my mind, it is so that once our little friend gets here it will be a way for friends and family to stay tuned into what is going on in his little life. Truth is, it's more an excuse to talk about myself!
In pregnancy news: I am 32 weeks and 2 days today. This little guy is a kicking fool. I would joke that he's going to be a soccer player, but Chad won't stand for that. Football and wrestling here we come! Since we are less than 8 weeks away, I'm seeing the doctor every other week now. Appointments have all been going well. Blood pressure is in check and the little guy's heartbeat is strong. That's all that matters to me.
I really should get started on Hunter's nursery but I just can't bring myself to do it until there is a crib in there. Otherwise, it's just a rearranged guest bedroom with an empty wall. I have attempted to get creative though and made some letters to hang on the wall for the little guy. When I made them, Walmart was out of the "H" and I don't want to hang up an "unter". I have the "H" now but left my ModgePodge in Topeka so I'll finish those up next week. Here's a picture.
In other news: There really isn't much other news. Hays is Hays. Winter is officially here and with it comes the northerly winds that take your breath away. So far we haven't seen much by way of snow. I'm sure that it will probably come when we are heading home for Christmas. That's about our luck.
Speaking of Christmas - I am quite excited to say that I am all but done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping. I guess it's pretty easy when I have nothing else to do with my day.
Here's who I spend most of my days with these days. He loves this outfit.
I'll be back when I have something more exciting to say!