Friday, December 7, 2012

Stuff you probably didn't want to know - Fun Edition

After my uber Debby Downer post on Wednesday I thought I would lighten the mood a little ‘round these parts by throwing out a totally rando post about me.  It’s a brain dump of random facts that I just know you’re dying to know…  Perhaps they are confessions…perhaps they are just tiny insights into my crazy life.

  • My current blog obsessions are fitness/weight loss blogs and “starting over” blogs.  Makes sense really…  I’m workin’ on my fitness and starting over so these blogs are inspirations.
  • I just recently learned how to spell the word “Yay!”  I kid you not, for the longest time my brain could not figure out the best way to spell that word.  If I was sending a text or email, I always spelled it “Yea”.  I knew that wasn’t right, but went with it.  I got a text from someone a few months ago and they had said “Yay” and I was MIND BLOWN!  I even took a class in college on Phonetics and my degree is in English and that NEVER occurred to me as a spelling. I'm still coming to grips with this...
  • I’m convinced that they only way to stay healthy in the winter is obsessive use of a nasal rinse.  Like, at least twice a day.  Gross fact:  When I rinse my left nostril, the solution leaks out of my right eye.  I’m pretty sure that’s not normal.
  • I’ve started using my kids as an excuse to NOT go to Walmart.  It used to be one of their favorite places to go, but they now share their mothers disdain for the place.  Twice this week I picked the boys up from daycare and told them we needed to go and they threw fits – which was actually a relief to me.  Hence, no milk in the house for three days.
  • I’m pretty sure that Pandora employs people to do background checks on its newest accounts in order to find songs to play for them.  How else would it randomly decide to play the Big Band hit “In the Mood” on my station?  I did a tap dance to that song in the 4th grade.  Algorithms my ass!  They have spys!
  • I pretend to be smart, but the blonde in me often comes creeping out – usually at the wrong time.  At work, I’m famous for such comments as “I don’t know if that city is in West Virgina, I’m not good at math” and “I’m pretty sure Deliverence took place in some mountain range – like the Everglades.”  Please note, in both cases, my mouth was just moving faster than my brain.  I do know the difference between math and geography.  I’m also aware that the Everglades are a swamp.  The fact that I’m still employed after those comments, however, is pretty astonishing.
  • I’m really picky about which restroom stall I use at work.  If I walk into the bathroom and that one is occupado, I either go to a different restroom or just come back later.

Welp – that’s me in a nutshell (Look! I’m in a nutshell). 

I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready to get this weekend going.  The grabbers (H&B) and I are spending Saturday with my sister and her kiddos.  The plan is basically terrorize my parents and see how long before my dad has to “take a walk” or “do laundry in the basement” (read:  Get away from the madness of 4 kids under 5 destroying his house).

Saturday night I have an “Ugly Sweater” Party to attend.  It’s white elephant too so I’m bringing my go-to white elephant gift – Boone’s Farm, baby!

Onward and Upward!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where I've Been...

Hmmm… I’ve been gone for a while. For over a year now I have neglected the ol’ blog. And my, oh my, has the life I’m living changed in those 14 months. I wish I could say that it has all been unicorns and rainbows, but the truth is – it has basically been anything but.

Truth be told, the last 18 months of my life have been the most mentally taxing months of my existence.

 I’ve experienced great loss on different levels. I lost both my grandma and a very close aunt to strokes earlier this year. These women were amazingly strong, independent women who taught me more than they would ever know – and I’m still learning from them as I embark on this new chapter of my life.

The other loss this year? My marriage. There it is…in writing…my marriage is over. In the legal sense, it has been over for just over a month. In the loving way God intended it – it has been over for much, much longer.

I guess I felt like it was finally time to just put that out there. That’s where I’ve been. Hopefully I’ll take the time to go into more detail and answer the FAQs that I get when I drop that bomb on people.

As I just said – that’s where I’ve been. But it’s not where I’m going. My head is up and my eyes are open and I’m looking into the future as optimistically as I can right now.