Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing and growing...

Today was Hunter's six month well child visit. I decided to take the whole day off and just spend a little extra time with my little man before hand. He was a complete dream baby this morning (though he rarely isn't) and we both enjoyed sleeping in and tons of cuddles and kisses. His "kisses" are really just him sucking or licking my chin or cheek. Sure, it's kinda creepy, but it's too darn funny to stop him. And the fact that he only gives "kisses" to me makes them that much more special.
The appointment today went really well. We are still growing a stalky little wad. He weighs 20#7oz and is 26" long. That puts him in the 90th percentile in weight and the 50th in height. He's my chubby little bubby!
Tomorrow it is back to work for me and back to daycare for Hunto. This weekend we are heading out on our first official family vacation. We are heading to Arkansas to visit some family of Chad's. It should be fun. The house we are staying in belongs to a taxedermist which has me a bit, um, anxious. But it's sure to make for some interesting pictures. :)
Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a blessed week.
Also, a good friend of ours was in a car accident earlier today and could use some prayers. She skidded though an intersection and was t-boned. She has broken her pelvis in 4 places. At last report, they were preparing to transport her to KUMed.
I don't know much more but I do know that she's in our thoughts and will remain in our prayers until we know more.

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