Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 6, 7 and 8

Whoops! Busy weekends tend to equal no time to get on the computer so I am officially an epic fail when it comes to this 30 day blog challenge, but I’m going to post on all thirty topics, though they won’t be on the thirty days they are supposed to be. At least not the ones that fall on the weekend, anyway. Now, onto what I’ve missed.


This is what a typical Saturday morning looks like in our house. We don’t do real clothes unless/until we are planning on leaving to go somewhere (and if that somewhere is Grandma and Grandpa’s, they will probably remain in pjs.) Hunter loves his baby brother and will lay next to him on his play mat and rub his belly while they both watch the musical smiley overhead. I thank God for these sweet moments and treasure each and everyone.

FAVORITE MOVIES: I never saw this movie before I met Chad and he forced me to watch it. Now I have probably seen it more than 50 times and would call it my hands-down-favorite. It is SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

This is another movie that is just really, really good. I could watch it over and over again – it never gets old.

Onto the comedies:This is a family favorite for us. My parents host a holiday open house each year on or around Christmas Eve and we basically keep this show running on a loop. A few years ago my dad finally had to upgrade to the DVD because our VHS was so worn out. I could easily watch it anytime of the year. Last Christmas we gave my dad a “Shitter was Full” t-shirt. I am pretty sure it was his favorite gift…EVER!

“Scotch. Scotch. Scotch. I love Scotch.” There truly are no words to describe how freaking funny this movie is. And the fact that Bill Kurtis narrates the freaking thing makes it that much more spectacular. Those who know me know I L-O-V-E American Justice and all things Bill Kurtis.


I don’t really have anything super exciting to put here. The most recent place that I traveled to was Las Vegas. But that was for work and we were so busy that aside from seeing the fountains at the Bellagio, I never really left the hotel.

We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon and I loved it. I have always been a huge Bob Marley fan so visiting Jamaica was on my bucket list. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which is really the only way to go. We would love to go back someday for sure.


  1. Loooove this post.

    I don't know why I didn't think of Shawshank Redemption or Christmas Vacation. I love them both.

  2. I have never seen Tombstone; will have to put it on my "to watch" list!

  3. We went to Jamaica for our Honeymoon too. Wish I was there now.

  4. Christmas Vacation, OH EM GEE! Cannot believe I forgot to list that, what an idiot I am! Its my FAVORITE holiday movie EVER! I've probably seen it 800 times, and can recite the whole thing!

    Cute picture of the boys under the play mat as well :)