Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 5

My Sister!
There is this song by Juliana Hatfield called “My Sister” that begins “I hate my sister, she’s such a bitch – she acts as if she doesn’t even know that I exist.” This is how I would describe the “teen years” for Jenny and me. I was the angry teen that rebelled and made my family’s lives pretty crappy – my sister included. While I always looked up to my sister – so pretty and athletic – we weren’t friends. We tried, but it just didn’t happen.
Jenny went to college and I got through high school and when I graduated I joined her at KU where she was working on her masters. I went through recruitment and was offered a bid from my sister’s sorority. When I got off the bus on bid day she was there, now an alum, waiting for me. We hugged and we cried – and from there we became friends. How strange was it that it took sisters becoming “sisters” to turn them into friends?
Though I ended up changing schools after my freshman year and we never got to share all of the Greek excitement, our friendship remained strong and even grew stronger.
Becoming wives and mothers together has been wonderful. We were married less than four months apart (sorry Dad!), each had our first child nine months apart and our second children 10 weeks apart. We talk daily and about anything and everything. I could spend all day just sitting on the couch gossiping with her. We can be weird together and say and do things that only we get. If one of us says or does something ditzy or weird, the other will just pet us gently and say "pretty girl, pretty girl."

I share things with her I could never share with anyone else. I love her and her family so much.

This is her with my favorite little girl in the world - my niece Camryn.

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  1. How awesome your kids are so close together! It's always nice to share the "joys" of pregnancy with someone else!