Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 10

Day Ten – Something You’re Afraid Of

The answer to this simple for me:

Something happening to either one of my boys that I can’t “fix.”

I know the truth though – this WILL happen. In some way; big or (hopefully only) small. More than once.

There is something about becoming a mother that makes you so vulnerable and you instantly become a mother to every other baby on the planet. The blog world only magnifies that and you find yourself reading blogs about families struggling with the worst case scenarios and you cry for those babies and you cry for those mothers. And you pray – you pray for those babies, you pray for those families, you pray you never have to become one. You pray your blog never has to take that road.

The strength of the women that tell those stories amazes me! They put all of their faith in God and fight so hard. I am not nearly as God fearing as I need to be. I am weak and overly emotional when it comes to my children and worry that I could not fight as hard as these women do. I do not have a good relationship with God and often feel as though I am praying in vain.

Perhaps my answer isn’t so simple. Maybe my answer should be:

Not being strong enough to handle it should anything ever happen to my boys…

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  1. So I just checked out your blog after I wrote mine, UM they're EXACTLY the same! Great minds think alike huh?!

    Lets just pray that our kids grow up to be strong and healthy, with no speed bumps on the road of life along the way!