Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Question Friday

It's 5 Question Friday over at My Little Life - check it out!

1. If you had $1,000 to donate to a charity, which would you choose?
The first thing that came to my head was the Lisa Robinson scholarship fund, if that would count as a charity. Lisa Robinson is the mother of Thomas Robinson, the one of the players (T-Rob) on my favorite college basketball team who died suddenly last week. The fund was set up to provide assistance to T-Rob’s little sister, Jayla, who is only 7 years old. In the span of a month, Thomas and Jayla lost a grandmother, grandfather and mother.
If we aren’t counting that as a charity, my answer would be the March of Dimes because I love me some babies. I currently have a friend that has a little fighter in the NICU here that was born at only 24 weeks. It is AMAZING how well he is doing and it really is due in large part to the research that has been done around preemies which is supported by the March of Dimes. This is probably the global organization that I am most passionate about.

2. Snow days: Do you welcome them happily or are they a pain in your butt?
Since my kids are too young to be effected by them school wise and my office would probably only close if got hit with 4+ feet this is kind of moot for me. That and snow days typically happen during my busiest time of year at work so I would probably still end up working from home if I couldn’t make it into the office.

3. What talent did you wish you had and why?
Hmmm… there are so many. I really wish I was an awesome cook. Don’t get me wrong, I can follow a recipe like nobody’s business but I am just too scare to really venture out and try something on my own. As part of this talent, I would also L-O-V-E to be an awesome cookie decorator. I got my KitchenAid for Christmas and want to put that bad boy to good use whipping up cookie dough and royal icing. I want to be able to decorate like this woman. I have tried once. It was pretty much a failure. But that’s a story for another day…

4. Are you a news, politics or celebrity gossip junkie?
These days I would probably say that I am a news junkie out of all of them. I really like to be “informed”. I watch nightly news and local news every night as well as morning news in the AM. I really miss being home to watch the Early Show because that was news and fun. Then they went and canned Harry and Dave so it’s not really worth watching anymore anyway… but I digress.
I avoid politics like the plague. People get WAY.TOO.PASSIONATE. about the issues surrounding politics and say stupid things and never EVER look at both sides of the coin. So, while I try to stay informed I try to stay away from the rhetoric and propaganda that is all over the place today.
I used to be a celebrity gossip junkie but I just don’t have time to keep up with it anymore! I get my gossip from the magazine covers in the checkout lines while trying to convince Hunter he doesn’t need the tiny milk carton full of Goldfish crackers or tube of M&M minis.

5. What is your favorite "cocktail"? (Are you a beer person, a kiddie cocktail junkie, or perhaps your more the "Cosmo" kind?! Anything flies...doesn't hafta be alcoholic!)
I have always been a beer girl. I started with Bud Light. Visited a friend in Milwaukee and became a Miller Lite gal. Visited a friend in Denver and became a Coors Light gal. See a theme???
I have recently starting drinking a little wine. I’ve always like Riesling but I’m trying to broaden my scope a bit – though I’m still not a red wine girl. I have branched out to include Pinot Grigio and Moscato. In fact, when I think about needing a night of cocktails, I go for the Pinot and try to get my “Ramona” on. Name that show!!!

Oh, and on a total side note – I had a horrible headache this morning and it hurt so bad I had trouble concentrating long enough to put on my eyeliner and I just went to check it out in the bathroom and letmetellya – it’s BAD! It looks like I let Hunter do it!


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