Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Half Birthday BoBo!

Mr. Bodey, yesterday you turned six months old.

I cannot believe how quickly the past half year has flown by. You have completed are little family and I love everything that you have given to our family.

You and your brother are certainly best friends. You are completely content just sitting by and watching him play. He loves you so much too. He always gives you kisses and likes to know where you are at all times. Nothing melts Mommy's heart like watching him give you a hug and kiss and say "I wuv you Brutter"

You are a HUGE fan of your daddy. The smiles you give him trump the smiles you give anyone else. Daddy has a hard time warming up to new babies but you are finally crossing the threshhold into the fun age and I imagine that you two, actually all three of you, will be spending plenty of fun time together in the coming months.

You still haven't decided to sleep too well at night. While it's true that I'm totally exhausted, I love our little snuggle sessions in the middle of the night. I do not, however, love the 4:30 wake up calls from you. I am hoping you can work on a more appropriate "up for the day" time.
Last night you had your first bites of cereal. You LOVED chewing on the spoon and were actually trying to self feed just to get that spoon up to those two tiny teeth. Your tongue thrust reflex still needs a little work so we will take it slow. We'll try to get you onto something a little tastier within the next few weeks...

We are heading out today to get your 6 month pictures and I'm very excited. Temps are supposed to be in the mid sixties in DECEMBER so we may even get to take pictures outside. It's actually warmer out today then it was the day we had your three month pics.

You are such a happy baby and a joy to your Mommy and Daddy's hearts. We love you so much. You are a blessing. You and your brother are our everthing.

Hugs and kisses,

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