Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Random Wednesday

Sometimes I really just want to post a thought or memory just to put it out there and I figure that doing it on some random Wednesday is just as good a day as any. It's not a blog carnival or blog roll - just something to keep me motivated to post after all the blog challenges end.

So today - here are some random Wednesday memories.

  • I use the term random Wednesday a lot and here's why... I graduated from college on a Friday night six years ago this month. We were driving to a bar afterward to celebrate and I was a little bummed because I just "knew" that Chad was going to propose to me that night - but he didn't. I told him that I thought for sure he was going to do it that night and he said to me "When I propose, I'll do it on a day that is special only for that reason - like some random Wednesday..." The following Wednesday he popped the question!
  • One of my favorite memories ever - the day that I brought Bodey home I was a hot mess. Hormonal, emotional and exhausted. We set his infant carrier on the couch and Hunter came over to meet him. Hunter took one look at him, turned around and ran to grab his teddy bear then brought it back and placed it in the carrier. It was the first time we had really ever seen Hunter share and for sure the first time did it on his own accord. I instantly turned into a blubbering idiot. This morning I watched the boys together and that memory came rushing back and I welled up again. Don't know why. Perhaps because I am still a hot mess - hormonal, emotional and exhausted. But I guess that comes with the territory.

Okay - random post over.

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