Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

So - I never finished the 12 days of Christmas Challenge. I suck. I know. Our tree wasn't up yet so I couldn't participate in the decoration day and it was the weekend and I almost never post on the weekend so I just failed. I'm okay with that.

But, since I did feel like doing a little blogging today but really had nothing important to say, I decided to hop on Lauren's "Fill in the Blank Friday"

1. I wish that my pocketbook would align with my fashion sense (currently the inverse is true).

2. Yesterday I almost destroyed my car when the truck infront of me had a full size basketball goal fly out of it while going down the HIGHWAY! .

3. Today I will do a little work and then go hope to prep for the 31 party I am hosting tonight.

4. Tomorrow I will spend the day cuddling the two most adorable boys in the WHOLE. WIDE. WORLD. while their daddy tries to take down Bambi's mom.

5. Maybe I will be able get H & B to nap at the same time and I will join them.

6. Someday both of my boys will sleep through the night AND sleep past 6 AM.

7. I love the way that H will just bust out random words and full sentences that I would never expect to hear from a 22 month old. Some of my favorite words he says include: medicine, Lacey (I don't like that he says it, but it's so cute when he does), chicken, and sucker.

That's about it! Have a Great Weekend y'all!

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  1. beautiful blog!

    i'm your newest follower from fill in the blank friday.

    i look forward to reading more. i'd love for you to come by my blog and follow back.