Thursday, May 12, 2011

T-Town loves O-Town

Sometimes I like to come to my blog and write horribly embarassing stories about myself in order to prove to you all that I'm not perfect. What? You never thought I was perfect to begin with? Eh, whatever...

So here's a diddy from back in the day... almost 10 years ago.

My freshman year of college Lou Pearlman produced a little show called "Making the Band" (pre Diddy, Da Band and Danity Kane). My friend Nikki and I were OBSESSED with the show and the band of its creation - O-Town. We were nearing our twenties and still had so much teeny bopper L-O-V-E for this group. "Liquid Dreams" may go down as the cheesiest song in history but that's okay - we loved them anyway. Side embarrassing story: When their second album came out Nikki and I went to Hastings at midnight to get it. Some other uber popular album came out at the same time and the place was full of people buying that one. We were probably the only ones there for O-Town - but they were such a guilty pleasure!!!

Anywho… in 2001 O-Town was slated to play at Jingle Jam in Kansas City. We snatched up tickets with a quickness. The radio station hosting the concert was giving away tickets and meet & greets nightly and we knew that we had to get down on that. So for a few nights we would blow up our cell phones trying to be the 93rd caller. Finally, one night when we had three phones going, Nikki finally got through. We won tickets and the chance to meet and greet one of the artists performing at the Jingle Jam. We had a choice between Michelle Branch, Barenaked Ladies, Jessica Simpson and others. For us, there was no other option. We picked O-Town!!!

We decided that if we were going to meet The Great and Powerful O-Town we needed to come baring gifts. Since it was close to Christmas we decided that we needed to make them Christmas ornaments. “What did the ornaments say?” you ask. T-Town loves O-Town! Oh my lord, I have to laugh as I right that. Total Cheezeballs!

The next part of the story is really long…but I’ll try to trim it down. The radio station was supposed to call and let us know where to be for the meet and greet. They never called. Thankfully my ex-boyfriend worked for the radio station and when we got there he helped us track someone down…only to find out that we had MISSED the meet and greet. No shit – I cried! I was in the bathroom trying to compose myself when Nikki came running in yelling “let’s go – we get to meet them!” Through the help of my ex boyfriend (God bless him, such a good guy!) we actually got to hang out in the green room with them before their show. DYING! We were so nervous. When we got down there only three of them were there but they were so nice and (acted like they) really appreciated our ornaments. It was so much better than a meet & greet. We got autographs and guitar pics as well as memories to last a lifetime.

Last week, Nikki posted this picture on twitter and tagged Ashley (Parker Angel), Trevor (Penick) and Dan (Miller) in it:

I woke up this morning to this message on facebook: BAM! Trevor retweeted the picture.

That totally makes us famous!!! Now I am totally that 19 year old girl again getting all giddy and I’m totally convinced that they want to be our friends. (You can tell I’m excited because I keep using the word “totally”) Because maybe, just maybe, O-Town loves T-Town too!
Now, for your listening pleasure, I leave you with...


  1. Haha. This post is all sorts of awesome. I would have picked to meet BNL though....they're my favorite band of all times! In fact I saw them in Ohio at our big radio stations Jingle Jame that same year! I don't remember O-town being there though.

  2. LMAO!! Love the photo, ha-larious!!

    Um and if you have twitter, what's your username? I'm slightly addicted!