Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pure Randomness...

Two members of my family made trips to Urgent Care yesterday. One of them came home with 11 staples in his head. You can be sure that this person was NOT one of my children because then the second trip to Urgent Care would have been to have me sedated - which it was not. Short version - Chad has staples in his head because he seriously hit on the door frame of his truck while he was climbing in. GAWD. Seriously, he called me on his way to Urgent Care and was totally out of it. I thought maybe he'd have one or two but when he told me he had 11 I almost died!
Our second trip was when Baby Brother's mouth kept bleeding. I turned into uber paranoid mom and needed to figure out what happened. Verdict: Waste of a co-pay. They didn't know what caused it or what to do for it. Oh well. It finally stopped bleeding and he never seemed effected by it.

This is Big Brother's favorite thing to do. Please note - We do not mow the lawn with small children on our laps. But, once the lawn is mowed, Chad does like to take the kiddo for a spin around the yard (with the blades up). He lets H steer and it takes everything in my power not to pass out. H loves this so much. While daddy mows he stands on the couch and looks out the back window and waves at him every time he goes by and yells "I gon' wide da mowa" Melts. My. Heart.

Here's Chad's victory from turkey season this year. I hope you're not offended by it. Chad actually made me keep H up until he got home so that he could show him his trophy and they could get their picture taken with it. H fell asleep on the sofa waiting for daddy. Hence, he looks a little out of it in this picture!

Last but not least - during the months of March and April I spent a few weekends in KC helping my sister, the tax accountant, with some tax stuff. One of the weekends I was away Chad took the boys to the zoo and posted this picture on FB. I checked it on my phone and after doing a double and triple take I realized that Baby Brother's shirt is on backwards. Please note - It's a V-Neck onesie made to look like a jersey. How he missed that, I will never know. I called Chad to inform him of this and all he could say was "That explains why I had such a hard time snapping it." Ah, dads... God bless 'em!

I hope everyone has a great weekend (seriously, it can't get here soon enough)

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