Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love to love ya baby!

The always adorable Molly tagged me for "10 Things I Love" and I automatically responded and asked if it was her subtle way of telling me to freaking post already! Either way - it got me back into the swing of things. Now, let's see if I can actually make a habit out of it.
Without further adieu - here are things I love:

1. These three guys. Is there really any question here? Between teething, tantrums and refusing to sleep past 5:30 AM they can certainly drive me crazy. And that’s just Chad! I kid. I kid. The little ones are the light of my life and answer the question – Why did God put me here? The big one is my best friend and my biggest headache.

2. The rest of the family… I am truly blessed to have one amazing family. My parents are AWESOME. They have been so supportive of me and I owe them the world. My sister is my closest ally and I love her to death. Her family is so beautiful and I love spending time with them.

3. My girls. I am so fortunate to be surround by such amazing women. They are all hilarious and know how to make me smile. The support and love that I receive from these women is pretty amazing.

4. Shoes. I had to admit, I’m pretty fortunate here. I’ve been given the opportunity to work for a company that allows me the privilege of feeding my addiction. I still have shoes sitting in boxes that I’ve never even worn – but just had to have because I couldn’t pass up the price. Strangely enough though – my favorite shoes, and the ones that I get the most compliments on and are hands down the most comfortable are a pair of $5 loafers I got from the Wal last year when I accidentally left home without work shoes.

5. The University of Kansas. I’m a lover of all things Jayhawk. This is no secret. While I don’t believe in regrets, I often do wish that I had been able to graduate from KU instead of moving home after my freshman year to go to the WU. But then I realize I wouldn’t have met Chad and wouldn’t have the two cutest boys on the planet, so I guess it was all part of the plan… Regardless, I still bleed crimson and blue. Basketball, football, baseball…you name it – I love it. I believe in the power of the Rock Chalk chant and there is nothing like hearing it first hand in Allen OR Memorial.

6. Baby stuff. Okay so, if you came here from Molly’s blog you’re probably asking yourself – did you just copy and paste her answers? NO! Though I got a little creeped out when I realized how many faves we had in common. I want nothing more than to open my own baby boutique and fill it with all of the wonderful baby things that I had to order because no one around here sells it – not to mention baby couture (side note: it’s almost impossible to find a baby seersucker suit in this town – even at Easter!) It’s true that you can find everything that you need for your babies at BRU or Target, but there are a few special things that you just can’t find there and I would love the opportunity to bring those things to my home town.

7. Sleep. Again, Molly hit the nail on the head with this one. As mentioned in my #1 Fave – I don’t get much of it. We’ve opened a can of worm with our oldest, who now likes to spend 50% of his evening in our bed and then wakes at 5:30 demanding cartoons or (gag) Barney. The sweet baby was sleeping wonderfully for awhile, but has, in the last week, decided that 3:00 is an awesome time to wake up and spend at least 90 minutes pushing me to the brink of my sanity. So sleep, yes, I love sleep. I certainly wouldn’t turn down more.

8. Diet Coke – quite the necessity considering I don’t sleep! I can be a little picky about my diet coke though. I prefer fountain diet coke - in a styrofoam cup - gas station style. My least favorite way to drink it is out of a 20oz bottle. It gives me the burpies!
9. Thai Food. Seriously – I LOVE it. I only get to eat it for lunch though because my husband has yet to come around to how amazing it really is. Now I’m craving it. Guess I know where I’ll be going tomorrow…

10. The lake. Any lake will do. We have a friend that owns a house on Otter Tail lake in Minnesota and I seriously think that was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on. Up at the crack of dawn fishing. Home to nap or float on the lake. Nights by the fire drinking and laughing are asses off. This year the annual trip to Minn has been converted to an all guys trip and I seriously cried when I got the news. So, a group of my girlfriends and I are heading to Table Rock in MO this July. This will certainly be a different type of lake trip as we are renting a new lake house and plan to do nothing more than drink wine and get tan. Can’t wait!

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  1. Love your list! Agree with everything besides that darn #5. ;) Will try to post sometime!!

  2. Yay for you posting! How in the hell did I forget Tuptim Thai, only my favorite place in the WORLD! Please tell me that's the thai you're referring to? Money Bags, YES PLEASE!!

    Love all of these! When you open a baby boutique, I'll be happy to stock it for you ;)

  3. Thanks for the tag!

    I LOVE the lake too! Can't wait for summer to get here so we can make more trips down there.

    As for KU though......yuck. ;)

  4. I'm the exact same way. Diet coke, fountain is my favorite, I really can't stand any soda that isn't fountain, extra ice and styrofoam please, but I actually don't like drinking it from a straw.