Monday, March 14, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

The time has come. Pencils are sharpened. Brackets are set. Ladies and Gentleman, I (or the NCAA) bring you THE BIG DANCE!!! I love this time of year. There is just a fun vibe in the air and whether you are a KU or KState fan (or any of the other 62 teams’ fans) it’s time to get down to work and devote your time to doing nothing but watching basketball and calculating the perfect bracket.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the Big Dance as it relates to the Big XII.

- #1 Seed, #2 Overall – ROCK CHALK Baby! Though I have to admit that putting them up against a “B” team has me a little anxious – but it’s time to break the curse. There is a great chance that these next few weeks will be the last time that we see the Morris brothers suit up in the crimson and blue so it better be memorable (and let’s keep the ugly fouls to a minimum boys).

- I would like to formerly apologize to all of the KSU fans that I made my NIT jokes to. Congratulations on pulling your heads out of your arse just far enough to make it to the dance. I kid! I kid! Though don’t be offended that in half my brackets you don’t make it past the first round. It’s nothing personal. It’s business.

- I’d like to send a big “What the F?” to the commission for omitting CU from the dance. Shutting out the Cats as well as beating Mizzou and Texas just weren’t enough to qualify? How is that possible? I guess a weak preseason lead to their demise. I’m not a Buffs fan, but I am a fan of the Big XII (of which they are still a part – for now). I Rock Chalk with the best of them, but heaven forbid the Hawks make an early exit, I will continue to cheer for other Big XII teams (the exception, of course, being Mizzou because, frankly, I hate them). But I digress… CU got screwed – Plain & Simple.

- Thank you to the braketeers for making sure that KU plays on Friday, not Thursday. I like to be able to enjoy my St. Patty’s Day for what it is – a great excuse for green beer. I prefer not to worry about KU playing basketball. I still haven’t recovered from the Bradley incident of ’06 where my day of celebration and fun came to a tragic end and I left the bar pouting and pissed off. While I don’t believe under any circumstances that KU will lose this week, I still like to keep my bases covered.

That’s it kids. Now I’m off to fill out yet another bracket… Any guesses who I have in the chip!?!

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  1. I can't believe CU got shut out either- craziness! For KU's sake, hope this isn't it for the Morris twins. Go Cats. Hope they don't mess it up! :)