Monday, March 21, 2011

HuntDog Talk and Hawk Talk

Hunter has learned out to climb out of his crib. He has also learned out to open his bedroom door. This is both adorable and terrifying. Last night we tried to lay him down and he was not happy about it. We kissed him and told him “Night, night” and closed the door. The little booger started screaming and 10 seconds later he was banging on his door to be let out (we had put a safety cover on the knob immediately after he proved himself capable of opening the door). We opened the door and the sweet little drowsy toddler walked out the door, turned right, headed down the hall and straight into our bedroom, hopped up onto our bed and went right to sleep. I was fighting back laughter because it was so stinkin’ cute. Chad was shooting me the “quit laughing, you’re only encouraging him” look that he’s notorious for. In the end, we let him snooze for a while in our bed and finally transported him back to his own bed – which he climbed out of again at 1:30 a.m. and knocked on the door until one of us released him. So, we are trying to decide what our next move should be…
I am not above putting one of these up…

Chad thinks we should go this route (what dad doesn’t?)…
But, we’ll probably just end up ripping the side off of his crib, converting it to a toddler bed and keeping this bad boy on his door to keep him inside. On to more exciting news… (If you don’t care about college basketball, feel free to stop reading here)
KU is back in the Sweet 16 Baby!!! (I’m channeling a little Dicky V for that one!). My sheer excitement over this fact is constantly getting tarnished by Facebook and all the haters out there – particularly some bitter KState fans. KState had a tough loss on Saturday and I really felt bad for them. Jacob Pullen played his little heart out, but unfortunately, it kind of looked like he was the only one that showed up in Purple and you can’t win a game of 5 on 1. Now that the ‘Cats are out of the running all of these bitter KState fans are just HATING on the Hawks. I find it highly annoying that they would magically become Richmond fans just to root against KU. I just don’t get it. I’m a supporter of the team, my state and my conference (with the exception of Missouri – but really, who cares about Mizzou anyway?) If KU was out of the tourney, I would route for the ‘Cats. Honestly, I would route for any Big 12 teams (sans Mizzou) that was in the tourney even if KU was still in it – up to and until the point that team went head to head with KU. That’s just the kind of fan I am, I guess not everyone is like that. I’m just going to have to avoid all the bitter Bonnies’ on Facebook after we take down Richmond on Friday.

There – I’m stepping down off my soapbox. Happy Monday. Have a good week.

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