Friday, November 19, 2010

Catching Up!

It has been forever since I’ve blogged. I failed miserably at Katie’s 30 Day Challenge. But, I feel compelled to put something out there! So, here is my life – in bullets.

· Work has been crazy busy. I really really enjoy my job and I’m knee deep in the meat and potatoes of it right now.

· The Bodester had his 4 month Well Child Check last week. The big man weighs in at a staggering 16 lbs 10 oz and is 27 inches tall. He is such a sweet baby and loves to smile and talk. He’s finally getting to that age where Chad isn’t terrified of him.

· The Hunt Dog gets funnier and funnier every freakin’ day. Tomorrow he will be attending his first KU football game with Daddy. They have been practicing their “Touchdown” and “Go Jayhawks!” cheers. Adorable!

· Chad is still Chad. Up to his elbows in concrete (or so he would have me believe). Of course it is hunting season so I am doing my time as a Hunter’s Widow here and there. He has been kind enough to narrow it down to once or twice a weekend and thus far has only made one weekend trip out west. I really wish he would get a deer so that I wouldn’t have to hear about this through rifle season as well.

· I am SUPER excited for this weekend because two of my besties and I are having a Goose Reunion! When we were in college we lived at this bar called The Goose Too (aka, The Deuce or G2). Seriously, we were there 3 nights a week. One of those nights was our Wasted Wednesdays (aka GIRLS NIGHT). I don’t want to even imagine how much money I put into that place. So many awesome memories there though. Chad and I even made a cameo there the night we got engaged to celebrate with our bar-going cohorts! Anywho - the bar changed owners and then changed names (and then changed names again). Our crazy group of gals grew up –got married-started families and our days at the G2 went by the wayside. So – fast forward to a few weeks ago when I see a new sign in front of the bar. The new name? “THE GOOSE AGAIN”. So many of our original gang have moved on to bigger and better things – but the three of us that still call this town home will be reliving our younger years with a trip to the Goose – Again! SO.STINKIN.EXCITED!

· Next week is Thanksgiving which I am super excited about. It’s probably my favorite holiday because I love getting to spend that time with my family. It’s always fun to see all of the babies too since our families 4th generation (3rd living) has grown from one kid to eight in the last three years (#9 will be here by Christmas). For some families that may not seem like a lot but or family if fairly small – only 8 cousins (of which at least one (or one’s wife) has been pregnant at any given moment since Fall 2007). So, it’s freakin’ Romper Room when we get together. Can’t wait!

So, there is your super long and unnecessary update. Monday I’ll be starting Aly and Molly’s 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge – so you’ll be hearing from me a little more regularly. Fingers crossed I actually finish this one!


  1. Love the pics of the boys, AND the new header. Cute!

    I have faith that you'll follow through with our blog challenge, in my best Rob Schneider voice 'You can do it!'

    Have a fab weekend!

  2. Well there ya go! Terrific post! And when all else fails, put up pictures of your beautiful baby. Gratuitous cuteness is never an issue with other bloggers :)