Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

It's already day 8 of Aly & Molly's Blog Challenge - I need there to be like 25 days of Chirstmas or something because it's nice to actually have something to blog about!

Day 8: LEAST favorite thing about the Holidays.
If you saw my Black Friday post - it should be perfectly clear what my least favorite thing about the Holidays is. In case you missed it - I. FREAKING. HATE. CROWDS.
The anxiety that I get amidst chaotic crowds is nausiating (and admit it - all Holiday crowds are chaotic). The thought of having to go to Target or Walmart for ANYTHING in the next 4 weeks makes me want to hurl. The fact that anyone could actually enjoy the "hustle and bustle" of the Holidays boggles the mind!
I will probably end up taking a personal day from work and doing all of my Christmas shopping (that I can't do online) then - and it will be some random Wednesday at, like, 8 am because I will not be caught dead doing it on a weekend. I need to adjust our grocery budget for this time of year because if I'm the one going shopping, I'm going to Dillons - where it may be more expensive, but it's also much less crowded than Wally World.
Just thinking about the crowds long enough to write this post kind of makes me dizzy...


  1. AGREE completely! I try and stay out of big stores this time of year. It makes me nervous, haha.

  2. I hate crowds too!!! But it comes with the season unfortunately!

  3. Hehe Sorry I stole Oreo Balls, Lacey! Post them anyways, they are so stinking addictive everyone should try them. :)

    How are your 2under2 doing today? Mine are beyond crabby! If you lived closer and yours are in a good mood, I'd trade you for the day! :)