Monday, January 11, 2010

Which team?

Boy or Girl???

Many people have asked whether we are hoping for a boy or a girl this time around. My answer is always the same – “All we want is healthy.” And though this may sound like a sweet little cop out, it is the truth.
Sure, a little girl in frilly little dresses with giant bows on her head dances around in my head from time to time. That three year old with white blonde pig tails and big blue eyes is sitting on my shoulder here and there. The sight of her dancing with her daddy on her wedding day already brings tears to my eyes.
But then there is that little boy, toe headed and dirty from chasing his big brother all over hill and dale. Hunter’s best friend and wrestling buddy. Having spa days to myself while Chad takes our little men hunting or Grandpa takes them fishing sure sound nice. And the money we could save on clothing is a nice bonus too.
We will take whatever God chooses to give us. Pink or Blue. We only pray that our newest addition be healthy (and if the baby is as happy and easy going as its brother, we wouldn’t complain one bit).


  1. Not that I have a real opinion either way, but one in particular could be Cam's best friend and we could all go and get pedi's together... How fun would that be? Of course the idea of going sans kids is a very intriguing option as well... :)

  2. So are you gonna find out which little angel you're gonna get before delivery?