Monday, January 18, 2010

Please excuse me, I'm worthless

I am 100% a believer is Pregnancy Amnesia now because I do not remember pregnancy being this exhausting the first time around. Then again, by this time with my last pregnancy I had zero children to chase after and filled my days with court TV shows and Ellen. These days I’m working full time and spend my off hours entertaining my little Hunt Dog. I hate that I can’t be a dream mom and wife because I am just too exhausted. I want to sleep ALL THE TIME. With my last pregnancy, I was too busy throwing up to be tired. Now, when Hunter hits the crib, mommy hits the hay too. I have not made it to see the 10 o’clock news in well over a week, and even then, I’m lucky if I make it to the weather!

I tend to use my weekend to catch up on my sleep but Saturday we actually had plans to do something other than sit at home and take naps. I paid for it yesterday the same way that some of my childless friends paid for the few too many drinks that they had on Saturday night. I had a headache to rival any hangover and an exhaustion that no size of diet coke would stand a fighting chance at beating. It was worth it though.

Saturday we went to Kansas City to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my wonderful, adorable, always exciting niece. It was so exciting to see Hunter and Cami playing together. I cannot believe that we didn’t get any pictures of them together. Cami had fun showing Hunter all the fun things there were to do at her house. They shared a few puffs and took a Ritz cracker break too. I can’t wait for these two to grow up and to watch their friendship grow.

Here is the most recent picture that I have of the two of them together. How sad that I don’t have any from Christmas, or even Thanksgiving. Add that to the list of reasons that I am a horrible mother…

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  1. you have some from Xmas, they were just professional photos so you don't have one saved on your computer. You're not a horrible mom, We didn't get the camera out either! :)