Monday, June 27, 2011

Party TIme!

We celebrated Bodey's first birthday yesterday and it was just wonderful. Bo wasn't sure what to think when he arrived but once we introduced him to the balloons and removed the ridiculous hat I had been forcing him to wear, it was par-tay time!

He seriously just sat like this for the first half of the party and let big brother open all of his gifts. When we tried to get him to help he would just cry. So sad!

Seriously - hated the hat. Like his shirt? The adorable Molly crafted it for him!

Once he discovered the balloons it's like he was a new baby! All smiles and chatter!

Smash cake before

Smash cake success!

And the cake for the rest of us. I have seen versions of this around the interwebz and since his "theme" was just primary colors I thought that this would be the perfect cake. A good friend of mine made it and it tasted even better than it looked!!

One of the best parts about parties like this are that the cousins get to hang out together. I wish I had taken this picture before his cousin Eric had left so you could have seen all of them. They had so much fun just running laps around my parents' house!!
I’m glad that the party is over though. Now I have just one more full day with my sweet baby before he is officially ONE. I’m not ready for this at all, but that’s a different post entirely.

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