Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One ONEderful Year!

Thank you Blogger - I forgive you...



How did this?

Turn into this?

Happy Birthday Bodey. I can't believe that you are already a year old. This last year has flown by at warp speed. Seriously, it seems like just yesterday you 10 pounds of pure colic! I remember thinking those nights were so long and that I didn't know how we would get through it. We did though.

You are certainly still a mama's boy - which I tend to love and loathe at the same time. It melts my heart the way you light up when you see me - but it breaks my heart when I can't pass you off long enough to use the restroom without you screaming. You're getting better though...slowly but surely.

You will eat everything and anything within arms reach. Our daycare provider was shocked by the warp speed at which you consume your snacks. I hope you stay a good eater and don't go getting all picky on me.

You are so in love with your brother and he is with you. You two could play together alone for hours. Saturday I walked into H's room to find you two like this:

Watch out Jonas Brothers. The Gerhardt Brothers are comin' up!!

My favorite part of the day with you is bed time. You are all snuggles as we rock to sleep. I cherish that part of the day and as you enter dreamland and your tiny baby snores sneak out - I pray to God to watch over you and your brother, and thank Him for giving me such an amazing gift.

Happy Birthday Bobo! We love you to the moon and back!!

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