Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bathroom

We are the first occupants of our house. There was no paint on any of the walls when we moved in. A few years ago, not long after we got married I decided that the first room that we should tackle was our guest bathroom. My sister's house had this great yellow guest bath with this cute beachy theme. I decided to try and copy the look...and failed miserably.


My husband and I both grew to hate this bathroom. We did a crappy rushed job on the paint and there was no style to it. It was just an ugly yellow bathroom. I like to blame him for the bathroom. Yes, I did pick out the color, but he let me!! :)
So, after watching a friend move into a new home and start painting it I decided that it was time for a change. Where else to start. So, after two days and less than $100 from start to finish, I'm pretty proud of the outcome. It's actually a bathroom that doesn't make me want to puke -- or give me a headache.
For those that may not know, we lived in this house for 2.5 years until January 2008 when we moved to Hays for Chad's job. Well thanks to the economy, when we decided to move back here 54 weeks later, our house was still on the market so we moved right back in. The bath/shower used to have doors on it and when we first lived here this was Chad's bathroom. Now that we have a +1 we decided that this became the baby's bathroom. Since bathing a baby in a tub/shower with doors is NOT fun, we ripped them off. That only added to the tacky factor of this bathroom. Since we didn't want to actually tear the tracks down and destroy the whole area, we did the next best thing...we hid it with this lovely new shower curtain.

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Not too bad. Nothing fancy but it works well for us. It has a calming effect now. It also smells super nice thanks to the big vase full of soap bars. I only wish that I would have sprung for Caress or Dove soap. The shape of the Dial makes it kind of look like bones or something. The picture behind the stool was a quick throw together project using left over letters from a diaper cake I made to spell out BATH. I have a feeling it will be redone in the near future, but it will do for now.
Isn't the picture of Hunter great? What better place to put a bathing baby picture than in the bathroom. I just love that smile on his face, though it's probably hard for you to see.

Chad has agreed to let me redo any room in the house as long as I can do it for under $100. I feel like I'm on my own HGTV show now!

Now...on to tackle the guest room.

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