Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's getting closer...

I can't believe that I'm already 37 weeks pregnant. It's still hard to get my head around. We had our weekly appt yesterday and our little friend is preparing for his exit. The doctor still anticipates seeing us for our weekly appointment next week but also stated that "you never know." We've had a few requests for him to arrive this weekend, but it's up to Hunter so who knows...
Chad and I attended our birthing class this past weekend. Unfortunately, I think that the class has terrified Chad. Not so much at being a dad, but at dealing with me during the birth. I'm not always the "friendliest" person when I don't feel well and I think that has him a little nervous about having to deal with me. I think he'll do great really. He's so laid back and takes good care of me so I'm not worried.
The weather here is actually pretty nice. Windy, but that's nothing new. There is talk of us GeoCaching tonight (geek speak: Treasure Hunting). Feel free to laugh, but we have fun and it gets us out of the house.
Not much going on here this week. Chad's best friend is coming into town on Friday for a FHSU wrestling dual. We will probably go watch. Sweaty men groping each other - what fun! I have given Chad the go ahead for a big pheasant hunt on Saturday morning. He knows the rules though - phone on at all times and answered EVERYTIME! Beyond that...who knows what sort of trouble we will get ourselves into.

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